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Are you looking for Almost Empty Nest?

Hi! I’m Laura, the creator of Almost Empty Nest. I have moved over here to Next Phase Parenting and am teaming up with Melanie Studer to offer the most amazing Next Phase Parenting experience. We offer information and resources for organizing, financing, parenting, and living in the next phase.

Some of the content from Almost Empty Nest is here on Next Phase Parenting. Some of the content has not made the trip. Some of the items that were offered for free on Almost Empty Nest are now in the Next Phase Parenting shop. It became overwhelming to continually add to the free library on Almost Empty Nest.

We have a page full of Freebies HERE. The original Year of Care Package printables is available as one of the resources in our 10 Resources for Surviving the Next Phase.


Here is a list of posts you may be looking for if you have arrived here from Pinterest or another source:

Bible Verses for High School Graduation

I look forward to getting to know you in my new home!

~ Laura


Laura Dennis