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13 Best Finance Books For Young Adults

by | Mar 31, 2024 | NPP Recommends, Books

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Are you looking for finance books to share with young adults?

As I finished reading a book on this list, I decided to create a book list post from suggestions in a couple of Facebook groups that talk about finance, and I also asked some of our NPP friends what their favorite financial books were, and so… Here are the best finance books to share with young adults that I came up with from these sources.

I included a list of “money” movies at the bottom because over the years, we have had such great conversations with our sons over a bowl of popcorn and an interesting movie to discuss!

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see the full disclosure in the foot bar.

Best Finance Books To Share With Young Adults
13 Best Finance Books For Young Adults 16

One great thing about the midlife season is that we can look back and see what has worked for us. We can try to impart some wisdom to our younger people, whether it’s our own teenagers or young adults or even our grandchildren. A fun thing we have done is have a book club both with my teenage son and some of his friends and their moms while back, and also with our grown kids on Zoom about certain topics.

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Here are the best finance books to share with young adults!

Best Finance Books To Share With Young Adults: In no particular order

These are in no particular order because I have not read them all. They were all recommended by either a good friend, a NPP reader or from one of the financial Facebook groups that I follow…

**Note: I put the Kindle link to each book where I could. However, after looking at the synopses of the choices below, I recommend purchasing the actual hard copy of a couple. This is so that the book owner can make notes and mark up their copy as they try new things.

The Simple Path To Wealth by JL Collins

This book was born from letters Collins wrote to his daughter about finances. She remarked to him that although he cared very much about all of this, she did not and what was the easiest route for her to take? Here are the simple tasks for wealth building for even the most beginner.

The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

One-step system to automate savings. This is the way to go -set it and forget it -unless you decide to increase your savings amount.

Discipline is Destiny by Holiday

This book is about the concept of discipline which can be applied to saving money. Stoicism has four simple virtues: courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. With self discipline, this book teaches readers the power of self-discipline and balance, and cautions against the perils of extravagance.

Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together by Lowry

This book helps young adults figure out how to deal with real life situations that can occur when they don’t have enough money. It also gives real world advice for getting a handle on figuring out money problems.

Money Skills For Teens by Lindsey Sterling

I was given an advance copy of this one, and I am here to say that I shared many a nugget along the way with my final teen at home who is becoming more and more interested in his financial future!

This book was written specifically for teenage girls or boys and uses a simple and understandable approach to explain essential money concepts. She uses relatable scenarios with engaging content and includes an interactive workbook exercises that speak directly to teens. Their curiosity will turn into capability, and personal finance will become a topic they’re eager to explore.

The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make in College by Oneal and Cruze

Begin healthy financial habits in college by avoiding 5 mistakes often made by young people in college.

image 31
13 Best Finance Books For Young Adults 17

Napkin Finance by Tina Hay

Simple and skimmable images for complicated financial terms. This makes the learning fun and understandable.

I’m Not Your ATM: A Practical Plan For Teaching Your Teen To Manage Money by Rachel Murphy

Become a team with your teen to help build their financial future together!

Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence by Chris Mamula, Brad Barrett, and Jonathan Mendonsa

A different mindset for saving money. Simple, common sense strategies for managing money. The main thing is to get started now! The younger the better… The thing I like about this one is that they point out that retirement does not have to be 65 or older. If you live below your means and save more than the typical amount of 20%, you can reach retirement much earlier with some planning.

Think and Grow Rich by Hill (Updated now by Pell)

Uses the real life stories of famous millionaires to illustrate principles of success.

The Latte Factor by Bach and Mann

A modern day parable whereby a young woman befriends an older gentleman who imparts his wisdom to her. She learns that by making a few small changes in her lifestyle she will be able to secure her financial future.

But First Save 10 by Gutierrez

Create your own sustainable routine, adaptable for any income at any life point-a system that offers the power to design your future and define your destiny. I love that the plan laid out is simple, easy to follow, and gives great advice for paying oneself first.

How To Adult: Personal Finance For The Real World by Cousineau

Straightforward explanations for financial terms, short stories, and a whole lot of how-tos for a young person as they get started on their financial journey.

image 30
13 Best Finance Books For Young Adults 18

A Money Mindset: Practical Lessons and Activities to Attract Wealth, Master Budgeting, Understand Student Debt, and Start Building a Stress Free Financial Future by Sheppard

Sheppard wrote another book called A Growth Mindset for Teens, and he returns to write about money and mindset. There are 31 activities covering the fundamentals of personal finances. This will help young adults be able to set their priorities straight and start taking care of their hard-earned money in no time.

Dave Ramsay’s Complete Guide to Money

This book covers the A to Z on how to budget, save, dump debt and invest. It is from Ramsay’s Financial Peace class -which if you have the chance to take through your church or other organization, it it a great framework to rely on.

Retire Before Mom And Dad by Berger

This book is written by Forbes’ deputy editor, and is full of life wisdom around finances. If you are not familiar with the concept of FIRE, Berger will help you out!

Best Movies To Watch About Finance

These show the good and the bad and the lessons about finances that we can learn from both.

Playing With Fire


Dirty Money

The Retirement Gamble

The Big Short

The Ultimate Gift

Too Big To Fail

Inside Job

The Founder

Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things

The Pursuit of Happyness


Boiler Room

Margin Call

Best Finance Books To Share With Young Adults: Reading tools

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A reading journal to track your books: progress, books to read, etc. (There is also a free app called Bookmory that does this digitally. I have struggled to keep up with this, but I love the idea of tracking all my book reading.)

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