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Best Subscription Boxes For Dad

by | May 13, 2024 | NPP Recommends, Gifts for Parents

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Do you have an amazing dad? Give him one of these best subscription boxes for Dad!

Are you like me? Do you wonder what to give your dad for his birthday? Father’s Day or the holidays? Does he already have everything? You might ask what are the best subscription boxes for dad?

Best Subscription Boxes For Dad
Best Subscription Boxes For Dad 16

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see the full disclosure in the foot bar.

If you are looking for the best subscription boxes for Dad…

For each entry, I shared my thoughts as well as including the description of each box by the seller.

Here are the Best Subscription Boxes for Dad…

Are your kids wondering what to give to dad?? I have landed on the genius answer for all your woes. Subscription boxes! These are the bomb -because they don’t want another book or tie!

#1 Best subscription boxes for dad: Food/drink

Jerky Snob –

We are weirdos and love to get different flavors of jerky and compare the taste. This would be a great gift around here!

This jerky subscription makes the best gift! We deliver healthy, artisan jerky to your door every month to fill all of your gift and snacking needs! Our mission is to select only high-quality jerky made with ingredients you will love. Enjoy different flavors, textures, spice levels, etc. See notes on right about SHIPPING and dietary restrictions.

  • JERKY – No MSG, nitrates, nitrites, or HFCS. Featuring flavors from various jerky makers each month! Experience different flavors, textures, meats, and unique spices.
  • SIZE – Three sizes from which to choose: 2 bags (4 oz total), 1/2 lb (4 bags), 1 lb (8 bags)
  • ORDER and RENEWAL – Several subscription options: Month-to-Month, 3, 6, 12-month pre-pay. Regular subscriptions automatically renew. Start with the “Give as a Gift” button if you want to choose your renewal preferences.
  • SHIPPING/DIETARY – Shipping is not included in product price and will be calculated at checkout. We can no longer ship to Canada or Australia. If you have dietary restrictions such as no pork, no spicy, etc., please contact us below.
  • GIFTS – CHOOSE when you want the first package to ship (“Add Personalization”), then write a gift message (“Edit Gift Options” in cart). A unique gift for Valentine’s Day, Easter, college care-packages, Mother’s/Father’s Day and so much more.

The Ultimate BBQ Experience –

For a long time, my husband would only grill. Now he is a pro in the kitchen, but this would still be something that he would love!

Sourced from award-winning barbecue sauce and rub makers, our pitmaster-curated monthly boxes include 5+ premium BBQ sauces, dry rubs, marinades, grilling accessories & surprises fit for a Grill Master! Plus, 2+ recipes for each product in the box, exclusive deals & discounts from the featured suppliers, grilling tips, video content, and more.

  • As featured in The Best Subscription Boxes of ‘22 / ‘23 in Food & Wine, Yahoo!, AOL, Cratejoy, Men’s Health, CNET, Real Food Traveler, and more!
  • Get 5+ BBQ products each month, including rubs, spices, sauces, marinades, scented wood chips, grilling accessories, and more. Each themed box from Grill Masters Club is developed from scratch by our award-winning team of certified pitmasters!
  • Receive 6+ new recipes every month for the products you received in your box, plus grilling tips & techniques from our pitmasters. Then connect with our social community on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to share recipes, videos, guides, and more.
  • We carefully select the highest quality grilling & BBQ products while supporting lesser-known, artisanal suppliers throughout the US and Canada.
  • Perfect for those who love grilling, smoking and BBQ and enjoy trying new recipes, experiencing new flavors, and learning new BBQ tricks and tips.
best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Dad 17

Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Two of my grown sons are huge hot sauce lovers! They would love this one!

Get the best artisan hot sauce delivered to your door each month. Hand curated by the experts at Heat Hot Sauce Shop, featuring award winning sauces and exclusive early releases. Members get the choice of Mild, Classic, or Extra Hot. Each box comes with tasting note cards.

  • Free Shipping
  • Curated Selection
  • Wide variety of flavors and styles
  • Choice of Heat Level

Single Cask Club Whisky Subscription

A lot of men like to sip a little whisky of an evening. If your guy is one of them, then this is the box for him.

The Ultimate monthly whisky subscription club. Two hand-selected Single Cask Scotch Whisky’s exclusively by The Strong Water Co each month. Bringing you some rare and wonderful drams to taste with full tasting notes monthly. Being a member of our single cask club also gives you exclusive access to our ballot system for rare limited bottles. Dispatched from Scotland the home of Scottish Whisky!

  • Rare and limited whiskies, taste some of Scotland’s best liquid.
  • Free nosing glass with first box
  • Virtual Tasting Notes
  • 10% off Whisky from The Strong Water Co. Online whisky shop
  • Being a member of our single cask club also gives you exclusive access to our ballot system for rare limited bottles.

Bacon of the Month Club (nitrate free)

Who wouldn’t love this???

Love bacon? That’s a trick question, you say. EVERYONE loves bacon! Well, we have just the thing for you. We will send you 2 pounds of nitrate free gourmet bacon (one of each flavor) every month for as long as you’d like. You’ll have enough to wrap your juicy steaks with, kick up your BLT sandwiches, or steal the show at breakfast.

  • Organic and all-natural meats
  • Shipped with dry ice and coolers to ensure it arrives perfectly — even in the dead of summer
  • Comes with a booklet of reheating and cooking ideas to make everything simple and easy
  • Gluten Free!

#2 Best subscription boxes for dad: Tech/gadgets

The ManBox –

This box is full of many great man gifts!

The ULTIMATE gift for any MAN! Legendary items delivered to your doorstep each month: Men’s Essentials, Lifestyle, Tech/Gadgets, & Survival Items! Every ManBox will include 5+ ITEMS! Treat yourself, your Boyfriend, your Husband, your Son… whoever it is… we guarantee they are going to love it! Welcome all to the MANBOX!

  • Proudly shipped 13,000+ boxes across the USA!
  • As seen in Rolling Stones Best Gifts for Men and Cratejoy’s Best Subscription Boxes of 2021
  • Curated by Men for Men! Each month the items inside of your ManBox will follow a completely unique theme: Survival, Tactical, Lifestyle, Tech/Gadgets, Sports, Barbecue, Game Night, & Tools…
  • PAST BOXES: EDC Box (Digital Watch, Carbon Wallet, Sunglasses, Field Notes & Fountain Pen); Grooming Box (Metal Safety Razor, Manicure Set, Swiss Army Cologne, Artisanal Soap & Shave Gel); Survival Box (Folding Knife, Tactical Pen, Tactical Flashlight, Torch Lighter & Beef Jerky)

Barrel & Blade – Monthly Tactical Subscription Box –

This looks like a box that would be a great gift for a man that likes outdoor adventures. There are a great variety of items each month that guys would love!

The Most Valued and Authentic Monthly Subscription Box on the Market of Tactical, Survival, and EDC gear. We Collaborate with Top Experts in the Field and Our Most Knowledgeable Friends to Ensure You Receive Only the Highest Quality, Best Value and Most Badass Gear.

  • Tactical
  • EDC
  • Survival
  • Preparation
  • Knives & Gun Accessories

Breo Box –

Is your guy techie? This box is full of the best tech gear!

Indulge in the thrill of receiving a handpicked assortment of top-tier tech and lifestyle products delivered straight to your door, without the hassle of researching them yourself! It’s like celebrating your birthday 4x a year! With BREO, you’ll be at the forefront of innovation and style.

  • Incredible value $200 to $300 in each box
  • Featured in Business Insider, CBS (Price is Right + Let’s Make a Deal), Esquire, BuzzFeed and GQ
  • A fun and unique box full of curated, high quality and useful gadgets delivered to your door every quarter. 5-7 top of the line products in every box.
  • Experience the thrill of unboxing the latest tech marvels. From smart home devices and wireless headphones to high-performance gadgets that will revolutionize your daily routine, we bring you the most advanced technology available.
  • Subscribe today and join an exclusive community of tech enthusiasts and trendsetters. Elevate your tech game, embrace the finer things in life, and make a statement with every unboxing

#3 Best subscription boxes for dad: Clothing

Basic Man Subscription –

My husband and dad both love really soft t-shirts and socks. This would be a winner with them both.

Each month, we will ship you a high-quality t-shirt, performance boxer-briefs & pair of socks. Our crew neck shirts are super soft. The boxer-briefs have “stay-put” legs, breathable vents, and an extra soft waistband. The socks are extra comfy with a variety of styles. The colors will vary in each shipment and match each other.

  • Odor-resistant and antimicrobial boxer-briefs made from bamboo
  • Premium quality cotton & REPREVE t-shirts with the perfect fit
  • Amazing quality basics sustainably made using recycled waterbottles
  • All at an insanely low price for products that should be replaced often
  • Athletic compression & combed cotton socks for everyday wear. Super comfy!

Spiffy Socks – The Bamboo Sock Subscription

Guys love comfortable socks. If you have a man who is on his feet all day, or just likes comfort, this is a great choice!

The most comfortable, hygienic, stylish, and sustainable pair of socks you’ll ever wear. Learn the advantages of wearing socks made from bamboo fiber and why it compares to no other.

  • Natural Antibacterial Fighting Qualities – Wicks away moisture and combats odor naturally
  • Thermo-regulating Abilities – Warms comfortably on the cold days but stays cool when it’s hot
  • Shock and Wrinkle Protection – Spiffy Socks are naturally durable and never require any type of ironing
  • Super Light and Comfortable – Twice as soft as cotton
  • Free shipping within the United States!
best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Dad 18

#4 Best subscription boxes for dad: Tinkering

Craftsman Crate

Do you know a guy who wants to learn how to do new things? Here are some kits that will help that become a reality!

Craftsman Crate is the perfect gift for men and women who like to work with their hands! “Every month, I get to see my 40 yo sister giddy as a kid telling me about the new crafts she gets to make, the techniques she gets to learn that she’s been curious about, and her plans for what she’ll do with the projects to make them her own.” -Sarah

  • Real tools. Things you can use again and again.
  • Timeless skills. Hobbies that will last a lifetime.
  • Complete kits. No running to the store to pick up the last thing you need.
  • New projects. Every month you get a chance to try your hand at something different.
  • Clear guidance. Instructions and patterns for everyone from beginners to experienced craftsmen.

#5 Best subscription boxes for dad: Other fun

Comic Mystery Box

A lot of men are into retro collections… Would this be something your guy would love?

Get 16 collector’s comics – new issues, back issues, #1 issues, and variants. At least $60 worth of comics in every box. All comics are first prints in new condition. Message us a list of your favorite characters and we’ll try to include them. Best value of any comic box – don’t settle for less than 16 comics! Best gift for comic book fans!

  • At least $60 worth of comics in every Comic Mystery Box
  • Tell us your favorite characters and we’ll try to include them in your box.
  • Some comics date back 30-40 years. Vintage, baby!
  • Bonus – Exclusive monthly newsletter for comic book fans included!
  • Why settle for less than 16 comics? Get the best value with Comic Mystery Box!

The Conundrum Box

If challenges and games are something that dad loves, this box has a fun puzzle in each box.

Your Adventure Awaits… Get a monthly adventure shipped right to your door! Part Escape room, part choose-your-own adventure, wind your way through fun and exciting narratives by solving puzzles with your family and friends. Immerse yourself in different story environments through music, food, history, fiction, and drink recommendations.

  • “A fantastic and clever cure to boredom!” An escape room-in-a-box experience that you can play with friends, family, or by yourself! Play at your own pace or with a timer if you prefer.
  • Items include physical objects to manipulate and solve, puzzles, ciphers, hints, stories, and plenty of material to contemplate. Additional resources include in-theme recipes and drink cards, suggested playlists, and other goodies
  • Unique story-lines that can continue from box to box, but every box has a definite and satisfying ending. You will meet a host of characters from literature and history that will help guide you through your adventure.
  • The boxes contain plenty of items, and no puzzle will require an internet search or outside knowledge. Everything is contained within the box but the internet is required to check codes and progress in the game. NOTE: Games are usually shipped in a themed box that says the game name and The Conundrum Box on it. Due to supply issues caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, at times we may have to substitute a generic shipping box. The game within is completely the same.
  • 1.5 – 3 hours of unique gameplay centered around fun themes and immersive puzzles. International Shipping is available, but due to the current pandemic, shipping overseas tends to be longer than usual. The price of the subscription does not include any taxes or tariffs that a country may charge, those are the responsibility of the recipient.

I encourage you to try different things for fun. And, these boxes are great ways to think outside the box for gift-giving!

This is a great way to support these unique small businesses, and to take gift-giving up a notch! I feel like these subscription boxes for dads fit the bill for GREAT gifts!

One gift that isn’t a subscription, but that my dad and mom love, is their digital picture frame. They ask each month for pics of the kids, and they update the frame. They alway keeps their favorites, but I swear this might be their favorite gift ever!

Other categories of subscription boxes are: gameskids activitiesspiritualdate nightnerds, and pets to name a few…

I hope these suggestions help you find great subscription boxes for dad!

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