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Dorm Room Storage Ideas: 21+ Easy Hacks

by | Apr 7, 2024 | NPP Recommends, Dorm Room

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Here are great dorm room storage ideas that make the space more organized and user-friendly! There are easy dorm room storage hacks for all the dorm room essentials and dorm room necessities.

The great thing about a lot of these ideas is that they are either hidden or utilize space above things that you have to have such as the bed and desk.

Space in a dorm room, even some apartments, comes at a premium! You need to be super planful and intentional to create as much storage as possible! So let’s look at these ideas for maximum storage in a tiny space.

Dorm Room Storage Ideas: 21 Hacks!
Dorm Room Storage Ideas: 21+ Easy Hacks 21

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Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Our experience

We have moved two boys into dorm rooms, and both times, I remember how surprised I was by how tiny the rooms were! I cannot imagine how it would be to have a girl moving into one of those rooms because it was hard enough with boys who don’t really have a lot of “stuff”. These are ways that we created storage for them without giving up any floor space.

If your teen complains about how cramped the room is, all of these ideas could easily be implemented immediately for a little bit of relief.

Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Tips for success

  1. Anything that you need to build, build ahead of time at home where there is room. Take it apart again if you need to to transport. Be sure you package and label all parts and pieces! Fill the the drawers at home with what the student has so that they know how much room they will have.
  2. Take a toolkit with you for small tasks that will come up at move-in.
  3. Take plenty of Command hooks -multiple sizes for so many things!
  4. Only mom, dad, and student allowed to go. Those dorm rooms are tiny! Any other family members need to have other plans. This is also good because younger kids will get bored with the whole move-in process.
  5. Pack the car in reverse -put the things you’ll want or need first into the car last so they are easy to get to. These would be things like: tools, hooks, power strip, food…)
  6. Pack a picnic because all eating places on and near campus will be packed! You can leave the leftovers for your student to finish off later.
image 7
Dorm Room Storage Ideas: 21+ Easy Hacks 22

#1 Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Under bed storage

Risers -Some colleges will do this for you, so ask ahead. This is what will give your student extra space under the bed.

Wide dresser -Essential for all the clothing that won’t fit into the tiny closet!

Underbed storage – This is a good option if the beds are lower.

#2 Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Over bed storage 

Headboard with shelves -More logical storage that won’t take up floor space.

Over the bed shelf – And, this is a cool rolling cart that goes over the bed like a hospital tray!

#3 Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Beside the bed storage 

Bedside shelf -This is great if there is no room for a bedside table, and I love that it folds down. And, here is a cloth version.

Nightstand storage -Great for books, lotion, kleenex, and all the other things…. Here is a taller version if there is room!

Stick on the wall caddy -Another thing that you will have to check with the dorm to see if this is allowed, but a couple of these could be really handy!

**Quick note -that is my cute son #2 on the left with his buddy back when they were freshmen!

Dorm room storage
Dorm Room Storage Ideas: 21+ Easy Hacks 23

#4 Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Closet

Magic hangers -These are truly magical. Wish they had been around back in my day!

Over the door shoe storage -I still use this for all of my sandals. Never enough storage for all the shoes…

Storage mirror -This is a little pricey, but it’s great storage that takes up no floor space. Check with the dorm/apartment to make sure that you will be able to hang this where your teen will be living.

Over the door hooks -these can be hung on both the inside and outside of the door for coats etc.

#5 Dorm Room Storage Ideas: For the desk

Over the desk shelf -This is wasted space if you don’t use it!

Desk drawer storage organizer -The space inside the desk should be organized, too.

#6 Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Extra random storage

Over the fridge shelves -A fridge is almost necessary to eliminate or reduce snack runs. (The pic shows a toilet, but the size of fridge that fits in a dorm room is about this size.) This will save money in the long run. So, the space above a refrigerater may as well be utilized. Or, here is an over-the-microwave shelf. And, here is a small cloth caddy for some extra organization.

Ottoman storage -Extra seat. Extra storage. If beds are on risers, this will fit under there.

 Hanging jewelry organizer -The one below locks, which would be good in a dorm room. Not for anything valuable, but could be hidden behind a shoe storage rack behind a door.

Dorm room storage cart -This can hold so many things, and then be rolled out of the way when not in need.

#6 Dorm Room Storage Ideas: Bathroom

Toilet paper stand with small cabinet below -great to fit in a tight spot

Under the sink storage – 2 shelves with lots of room for all the things

Wall shower caddies to hang inside the shower – great shelf space for shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Dorm Room Storage Ideas: 21+ Easy Hacks 24

I hope these suggestions help you with dorm room storage ideas

Be sure to check out my post about your teen turning 18, there are some really important things to know legally that you will want to go over with your teen!

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