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Best Subscription Boxes For Mom

by | Apr 3, 2024 | NPP Recommends, Gifts for Parents

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Do you have an amazing mom? Give her one of these best subscription boxes for Mom!

Are you like me? Are you constantly wondering what to give your mom for her birthday? Her birthday, Mother’s Day or the holidays? Does she already have everything? You might ask what are the best subscription boxes for mom?

Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 41

It depends on your mom, you, your budget, and your relationship. I give many options below so that you can pick from a variety of types, prices, and the regularity of delivery. 

Finding the perfect gifts for moms, gifts for mother in law’s birthday or anything (!), or gifts for Mothers Day is challenging. I have done the research for you!

Almost all of these best subscription boxes for mom can be ordered monthly or quarterly or even just once. They are original and lovingly curated by many small business owners looking for a unique way to sell their products beyond their own backyards. 

If I had unlimited funds, I would sign up for so many of these, because what is more fun than the occasional surprise in the mail full of goodies for me? And, I can take care of all my besties, my mom, and my mother-in-law all from the comfort of my own couch!

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see the full disclosure in the foot bar.

Best Subscription Boxes For Mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 42

If you are looking for the best subscription boxes for Mom…

For each entry, I shared my thoughts as well as including the description of each box by the seller.

Here are the Best Subscription Boxes for Mom…

Are you kids wondering what to give to you?? I have landed on the genius answer for all your woes. Subscription boxes! These are the bomb -because they don’t want a robe

best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 43

#1 Best subscription boxes for mom:  Book Lovers 

Bubbles and Books –

I am not a big bath taker, but I know a lot of people in my life who are, and who would absolutely love this Book Lover’s best subscription boxes for mom.

Winding down at the end of the day with a steamy bath and a good book is one of life’s simplest pleasures! The Bubbles & Books box combines reading and relaxation to deliver a truly blissful bath experience. Choose your favorite book genre: Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, or Mystery/Thriller.

  • Choose contemporary, paranormal, or historical romance – or mystery/thriller books.
  • Items to expect: Bath bombs, artisan soaps, bubble baths, teas, candles, lip scrubs, whipped soaps, face masks, bath salts and so much more! Every month a surprise treat!
  • Each standard box includes: 1 paperback, 5+ romance eBooks, 3-5 luxury bath and body items
  • Each premium box includes: 2 paperbacks, 5+ romance eBooks, 5-7 luxury bath and body items
  • Gift a Bubbles & Books subscription with a single box or choose from 3, 6, and 12 month pre-paid subscription options.

Used Books Monthly –

This is another best subscription boxes for moms who are book lovers.

We believe books should be circulated and that an author’s work should endure. Your books are randomly selected from our inventory of your selected genres. We strive to select the best quality used books for our readers. Get a fun book surprise in the mail every month! -1 book envelope $6.79 -2 book envelope $8.49 -4 book box $16.99

  • Your books are hand selected based on your selected genres and reading preferences.
  • Only used books meeting our quality standards are sent.
  • We keep books in circulation. We like to find new readers for used books.
  • Keep the books you love, pass the others on someone who will.

Big Reads –

I have a few older friends who are struggling to read anymore with regular print for various reasons. This would be a great best subscription boxes for mom who want large print books.

You choose the genre, we choose the book! Each title will be a surprise to you (like getting a present in the mail!) and a recent large print publication. This is an excellent subscription to gift to a family member or friend who you don’t get to see very often. We’re happy to include personalized notes from you to your loved one in each box.

  • New trade paperback book each month
  • Personalized notes upon request
  • Gift items approximately 4x per year
  • Large print books make for easier reading

Chicklitology –

I love chick lit, great escapism when I have the time. If you have a mom who loves some chick lit, choose this best subscription boxes for mom.

Chicklitology is a celebration of witty, well-written fiction, about modern women’s lives. Curated by a Book Geek and Author, Katherine Womack, the subscription box substantiates everything that encompasses the genre: excitement, motivation, relatability and resolve.

  • This is a box for Moms, Single & Minglers, Book Geek Extroverts and Introverts; we’ll bring the solitude to her.
  • The boxes are themed, and will include a new release or an Oldie but Goodie, hard-cover or paperback, Women’s Lit title (ie. Chick Lit, Romance, Self Help, and Autobiography). On occasion, it’ll get steamy with Erotica. We’ll also toss in accompaniments (t-shirts, journals, mugs, jewelry, etc). Your beverage, snack and bookmark are guaranteed in every box–on us (they’re exempt from the box’s retail value).
  • Here is the best part: after completing a 12-month subscription term, you’ll become a certified “Chicklitologist”. Your celebratory box will be complimentary, and your subscription rate will be discounted thereafter. So, go ahead! What are you waiting for? Get certified!
  • If you’d like a spoiler, feel free to contact us (to determine if you’ve read the book of the month).

Coffee and Vintage Book Club

My favorite time of the day is my quiet time in the morning sipping coffee and reading.

With Bookishly’s Coffee & Vintage Book Club you’ll get beautiful pre-loved book and some delicious ground coffee in the post every month. Each book will be beautifully gift-wrapped and you will receive a free bookmark in your first order. Book subscriptions make great gifts for all number of occasions. From Christmas through to Father’s Day, it’s a unique book gift (and a good coffee lover gift too), that’s bound to raise a smile. Perfect for book lovers, bookworms, readers and bibliophiles.

  • Free UK Shipping
  • Low Cost International Shipping
  • Beautiful pre-loved vintage books
  • Locally roasted and ground coffee
  • Gift wrapped and delivered straight to recipient

#2 Best Subscription boxes for mom:  Food and/or Drink Lovers

My Bean –

I have only started drinking coffee in my 50s. I love to try new ones, and this one would be perfect as a best subscription boxes for mom.

MyBean is the perfect gift for friends & relatives who enjoy good coffee and like to try new and exciting coffees from around the world! Our coffee is ethically sourced and grown without chemical pesticides & artificial fertilizers. Your box will contain 2 different types of freshly roasted whole bean coffee (12 oz total) every month.

  • A different exciting global destination every month! Perfect for dinner clubs, date nights, home-schooling curriculum, kids education, family time, healthy eating with fun flavors, or as preparation for an upcoming international trip
  • Includes: spices & spice blends from each featured destination, 5-6 recipes to feed 6-8 people each (for a full course meal)
  • Themed Music Playlist from each destination, plus a welcome postcard with fun facts about the featured country
  • Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free
  • Every box sold supports a Non-Profit that impacts Youth Education 
best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 44

Spice Madam –

We love spices in this house! My boys like super spicy, but have to tone it down for me. I might have to get this best subscription boxes for mom for more experiments in our kitchen!

Explore, discover, and experience a new destination each month through a monthly curated box of spices, recipes, themed music and fun facts from each featured country. Spice Madam also makes the perfect gift for that internationally-minded foodie in your life! What you can expect:

  • A different exciting global destination every month! Perfect for dinner clubs, date nights, home-schooling curriculum, kids education, family time, healthy eating with fun flavors, or as preparation for an upcoming international trip
  • Includes: spices & spice blends from each featured destination, 5-6 recipes to feed 6-8 people each (for a full course meal)
  • Themed Music Playlist from each destination, plus a welcome postcard with fun facts about the featured country
  • Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free
  • Every box sold supports a Non-Profit that impacts Youth Education 

Taste Italy Monthly –

Italian food, ‘nuff said! Who wouldn’t love this best subscription boxes for mom?

Feel like you’re in Italy! High-quality, hard-to-find sweet and savory items sourced from all over Italia • Artisan salami, olives, spreads, nougats, coffees, chocolates and more!

  • Perfect gift for lovers of artisan delicacies only found in Italy.
  • Our experts select the finest items and pack them beautifully to bring the Italian experience to your home.
  • Items compliment one another — Create a charcuterie board in minutes! … Includes glossy insert, coaster, catalogue, calendar and discount code.
  • First box ships w/in 48 hrs … Following boxes ship on 10th of the month

Nettie’s Craft Brownies –

This would be a great best subscription boxes for mom to have and share with a friend. Sounds absolutely delicious!

A subscription box for anyone who loves chocolate. Nettie’s Craft Brownies combine brownies and chocolates in one delicious bite. We cut up our extra fudgy brownies into bite-sized pieces and hand-dip each one in chocolate. In fun flavors like Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, S’mores, and Espresso, there is a bite for everyone!

  • Makes a great gift for family, friends, co-workers and clients.
  • Each month your box will contain an assortment of our classic flavors, along with seasonal favorites.
  • We make our products using real, high quality ingredients with a recipe handed down through generations.
  • Our bites are hand cut and hand-dipped in chocolate. Each one is unique and crafted just for you.
  • We make our bites fresh to order. They will arrive at your door fresh and ready to enjoy.
best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 45

5 O’Clock Box Cocktail Kit –

Our oldest son worked in a distillery a couple of summers ago, and he would come home and mix up new drinks for us. This box sounds like something that he would like to try.

Our 5 O’Clock Box Cocktail Kits are more than mixers and bitters – they are an experience! Created and taste-tested by master bartenders, our flavors are sure to impress. These kits make crafting artisanal cocktails quick, easy and fun. With small-batch flavors, our mixes let your inner mixologist shine – just add your spirit of choice, and voila!

  • New craft cocktail kits released each month
  • Each kit serves 8 cocktails
  • Our cocktails are created and taste-tested by master bartenders & mixologists
  • Items in the box may include: bitters, syrup, dry fruit, bar tools, easy to follow recipes
  • Perfect celebratory or corporate gift for the drink lover or home mixologist.

#3 Best Subscription boxes for mom: Lovers of Home and Living Beautifully

Succulents Monthly –

I kill all plants. EXCEPT, two tiny succulents that I have had for over a year. This best subscription boxes for mom would work for someone like me:)

Our mission is to help you, or that special someone in your life, build a fantastic collection! But if you’re like us, we’re guessing you already have a good start! 😉

  • Includes heathy plants, succulent growing mix, and everything else you need
  • Quality pots and containers that are as cute and clever as they are classy
  • Beautiful hand-illustrated paperwork with helpful potting and care instructions
  • Easy and fun family-friendly projects

Monthly Themed Accessories & Home Gift Box

Fun gifts to receive each month to add to your home.

The box includes unique home accessories and gadgets that everyone can use. Kitchen gadgets, home décor items and the occasional fun home items will make every box an exciting open! Product for whole family. We will also include a little surprise for you in every box. A special gift just for you!

  • Home items
  • Home accessories
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Home decor items
  • Family fun items

Work • Space • Spark: Your Career Growth & Office Decor –

I am a terrible shopper for decor. I think that things will work, but then I get it home, and it doesn’t work for me. Maybe if someone else picked it out, it would work. You could always give things as gifts if something arrives that “speaks their name”.

Work • Space • Spark is a monthly career + office decor subscription box for working professional men + women. There’s a new theme each month with 4-5 unique office items, decor, tech, productivity and career tools. Members also receive access to exclusive career videos + online training with experts to help them accelerate their career growth!

  • Receive 4-5 trendy, hand selected desk decor, productivity and office items
  • Great for working from home or in the office! Excellent gift or reward for staff, colleagues and mentees!
  • Spruce up your work space and ramp up your career growth!
  • Access to exclusive, members- only online career webinars, training and articles

Wanderkarma Travel Box –

Really cool things in this best subscription boxes for mom each month! Whether you are a traveler or not, these items can inspire you to explore new places, either in person or virtually!

Wanderkarma Artisan Box is for the traveler and lover of beautiful handmade products from around the world. We take you on a journey to a new country or city every month…. all within our boxes! We have traveled to Costa Rica, Greece, Paris, and Japan As a final touch, we send you a travel guide to fuel your wanderlust to travel to the world.

  • 3 to 5 artisan or traditional items from the country every month
  • Fair Trade Jewelry, Handbags, and Home Decor
  • Explore a new country through the box every month
  • We will also send you a Travel Guide to the country!
best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 46

#4 Best Subscription boxes for mom: Self-Love Boxes

TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box –

Health and wellness, love and self-care, what more do we need than this best subscription boxes for mom?

❤️ Self-care, delivered. Each box includes 1 research inspired therapeutic activity to wire your brain for more joy + 7 full size treats to pamper your mind, body and soul. We aim to inspire more self-love & happiness through therapist curated products that reduce stress & enhance your life! For all finders & seekers of an inspired life. Unbox joy!

  • AS SEEN IN: Oprah, Forbes, Today Show, ABC News, Good Morning America, BuzzFeed
  • 8 FULL SIZED self-care wellness goodies to pamper the mind, body and soul. Guaranteed $120+ value in every box (with average box value of $200+!)
  • EVERY box includes: 1 happiness activity plus 7 self care wellness products (i.e., aromatherapy, natural/organic bath, body, skincare products, and other lifestyle goodies!)
  • THERAPIST curated. Filled with all things mindful, thoughtful, and beautiful to help you de-stress and live an inspired life!
  • #TreatYoself or a loved one to some self care & relaxation! ★ Ships between 24-29th of each month so you can unbox happiness monthly! (cancel/skip anytime in your account!)

MAI Box (My Box)

The thought of gifting someone with self-care items gives me joy. This best subscription boxes for mom fits the bill.

MAI Box (pronounced “MY”) delivers health, beauty, and lifestyle products to moms bi-monthly. Each box will encourage and inspire mom to do more for herself. We get it! Between a “9-5”, kids, spouses, side hustle, and more, when do you honestly take time for yourself. Let us help! Subscribe to you.

  • Each box features 5 to 7 full-sized and premium sample items
  • Personalized survey at checkout
  • Ships bimonthly
  • Free shipping on all Pre-pay options

Faithbox –

I know that I am always looking for a way to grow my faith! I love that there are daily devos included in each delivery.

Faithbox is an exciting way to grow in your faith journey and strengthen your relationship with Christ! Each month has a different theme to help you focus on different parts of your faith. Plus, every Faithbox contains 3-5 products you’ll love. We ensure that the companies we partner with for our Faithbox create ethical, eco-friendly products.

  • Everyday Faith: a daily devotional that we publish every month to help keep you centered with Christ!
  • Impact Guide: Gives a detailed description of each product included, where is came from, the impact it has, etc.
  • A variety of hand-picked items from Christian companies that do good.
  • Items include: jewelry, accessories, Christian books, art, decorations, and more!

180 Degree Self-care Lifestyle Box

Help a friend take a 180° and take care of themself with this best subscription boxes for mom idea.

180° Box is for your me-time experience curated so you can pause, discover and enjoy your selfcare. New theme and products each month and will include body, beauty, style, home décor & healthy treats 180degree aim to inspire self-care & happiness in every box through mindfully curated products to remind you to take a break, discovery a variety of selfcare ideas and enjoy your selfcare and me-time journey.

  • 6 – 9 full size selfcare and lifestyle item at over $150 plus in value to induce selfcare, joy and discovery.
  • Treat Yourself or a loved one to some self care relaxation!
  • Special Bonus Red Velvet Charm bag in every box monthly.
  • Giftable and unique for many occasion. Filled with all things mindful, thoughtful, and beautiful to delight and induce joy. Curated to soothe your mind body and soul.
  • Wide variety of products from small business and women owned businesses. Products will be full size and range from mood boosting items, spa, bath and body, lifestyle, home goods, treats, beauty and other awesome items to discover and enjoy.

Smartass and Sass –

This best subscription boxes for mom idea made me laugh. This would be fun if you are or know someone who is a little sassy!

Smartass & Sass is a gift and subscription service for snarky individuals and cynical a**holes. We hand-select products from artists and small businesses and work with manufacturers to produce brand-new items that are sure to make you giggle. Subscribers also help us decide on items and have access to a secret sale shop. Join our community today!

  • 5-9 full-sized items per box + a soft-blend, locally-printed shirt (unisex XS-3XL, size chart above)
  • Item types include: totes, mugs, notebooks, apparel, self-care, and more
  • $130+ value per box
  • Ships internationally to Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Australia
  • 3 subscription options: shirt, box, or shirt & box

Paradise Delivered –

This best subscription boxes for mom idea is a little bit bit different, but sounds like a great concept for your mind, body, and spirit!

Treat yourself to a spa-inspired staycation right in the comfort of your home! Receive 7-8 full-sized, hand selected, vacation-inspired products every month! Every box has a retail value of $200+! Enjoy bath and beauty products, trending fashion accessories, best-selling books and more exciting surprises just for you.

  • Inspired by tropical vacations at some of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations throughout the world!
  • Every box has a $200+ retail value!
  • A spa-inspired staycation right in the comfort of your home!
  • Every box is thoughtfully designed to warm the soul, while refreshing and providing warmth to the mind, body and spirit.
  • Enjoy 7-8 hand-selected, full-sized products from categories like organic skincare and wellness, best-selling books, jewelry and fashion accessories and many more exciting surprises just for you!
best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 47

#5 Best Subscription boxes for mom: Lover of Crafts

Monthly Scrapbook Kits –

During the pandemic, I started crafting with paper. I might have to convince my husband to give this best subscription boxes for mom to me!

Scrapbooking Store make it easy for your inner crafter to create! A fun, monthly scrapbooking subscription box that is uniquely designed and hand selected just for scrapbookers, card makers and Art’s and Crafters! Each month members receive a beautiful, themed scrapbook kit that is filled with lots of colors, patterns and stickers to let your imagination run wild until the next kit!

  • Each box is full of 12×12 (double-sided) pages, stickers, cutouts, or other embellishments
  • Opportunity to upgrade for several extra embellishments each month!
  • A monthly project inspiration sheet included each month!
  • Includes membership into our exclusive Facebook Club where you can interact and grow with our community of fellow scrapbookers!
  • Makes the perfect gift for you or the scrapbooking lover in your life looking to capture special moments of joy and surprise!

Adult DIY Home Decor & Craft Projects

I used to do these little embroidery projects with my grandma, and I loved that it was so easy to create something beautiful from colored thread!

This box is designed for modern craft enthusiasts who crave a mix of creativity, relaxation, and self-expression. Each month, our expert team handpicks the most stylish and on-trend craft projects for you to enjoy. From macramé wall hangings to intricate embroidery kits, you’ll find a wide range of crafts that cater to various skill levels!

  • Delivered directly to your door, with everything you need to complete your crafting experience. Including; all the tools, materials and step by step instructions.
  • Create unique projects that add to your home decor or make great gifts! Past projects include; wooden shadow box art, paper flowers, felt wreath, macrame and more!
  • Great for all ages (ages 8-88) and all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or already craft with passion, our subscription boxes will act as a foundation for your inspiration and expression.
  • Perfect for date nights, crafting parties, family crafting or some well deserved me time.
  • Craft projects never repeat, which means you get new experience every single month! And a free gift is included in every box!

The Adults and Crafts Crate –

This sounds like fun! I am always up for learning something new and crafty. And, it is nice that they send everything that you will need so you aren’t constantly realizing that you need another tool or more supplies.

Adults & Crafts is a thoughtfully curated craft subscription box for adults & teens to create fun and trendy projects! Every month is a different craft to allow you to learn new craft techniques like wood burning and engraving. Create beautiful products like wine carriers and epoxy resin coasters. Two subscriptions are even perfect for date night! Also, we allow for special requests at any time, just contact us by the 10th of the month to request a certain kit for that month!

  • We send you all the tools, materials, accessories and instructions you need to complete the craft. No last minute trips to the craft store needed!
  • Perfect for a family night, for a friend hangout, or for date night.
  • As seen on the Today Show, Buzzfeed, USAToday and more!
  • Some kits teach new craft skills while some create functional products for the home!
  • Every project is different than the next! Varies from wood working to epoxy resin to marbling clay and everything in between!

Adult Coloring Monthly –

I love these coloring sheets! I put out 4-5 in my classroom each month for my middle schoolers to work on while I do my daily read aloud. They LOVE it! Fun to do with a friend:)

Color your heart out! Adult Coloring Monthly brings you new stylish adult coloring pages. Each month comes with 15 new coloring sheets in an artist’s pad mailed to you + 15 digital downloads! Each month has new themes from Paris cityscapes, elephants, succulent terrariums, mandalas and more!

  • All new subscribers receive a mini welcome kit (unless you subscribe as for 1 month – non-renewing).
  • Each month comes with a set of 15 adult coloring sheets mailed to you. Plus, receive the same images as digital downloads.
  • 6 Month Subscribers can receive a mini bonus gift or a small set of colored pencils.
  • Year subscribers can receive a gift card to redeem a full sized coloring book and a mini gift or colored pencils!
  • You can skip or cancel anytime with no fees or penalties. Once the digital downloads are sent, no refunds for that month are available.
best subscription boxes for mom
Best Subscription Boxes For Mom 48

Artisan Quilt Co. Quilting Box

These look like so much fun! Sadly, I do not sew, but the fabrics are so pretty, and could be made into many things!

This subscription box is for fabric lovers. Fabrics are a work of art. Some are stunning and some are just useful. Fabrics come from professional designers who use colors, designs with fabric to make the most interesting and beautiful projects. You won’t be unhappy with our choice. 100 % Guaranteed. On occasion there are extra gift. Visit our instagram page – @artisanquiltco

  • We are committed to bring you the best and keep customers loving their boxes.
  • Careful choosing, thinking and planning about what we send.
  • Our boxes will be of more value than what you pay. We love to add extras.
  • This will be a quilters haven. Are you ready?

I encourage you to try different things for fun. And, these boxes are great ways to think outside the box for gift-giving -no pun intended!

I encourage you to “gift” these to your friends and family, but also to yourselves. It’s a great way to support these unique small businesses, and to take gift-giving up a notch! I feel like these subscription boxes for moms fit the bill for GREAT gifts!

One gift that isn’t a subscription, but that my mom loves, is her digital picture frame. She asks us each month or two for pics of the kids, and she updates her frame. She always keeps her favorites, but I swear this might be her favorite gift ever!

Here is my all-time favorite comfy, over-sized, fuzzy hoodie sweatshirt for a great nap or to give as a great gift! I really do want one in every color!

Other categories of subscription boxes are: gameskids activitiesspiritualdate nightnerds, and pets to name a few…

I hope these suggestions help you find great subscription boxes for mom!

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